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SUPERSTERK* is a versatile and resourceful growth marketing agency in Hasselt. An all-in-one growth accelerator on creative steroids for your brand. We are not pur sang marketers (too predictable), not a communication agency (growth is more than communication), no die hard copywriters (text alone won’t get you there), not a web design agency (sounds way too nineties) and also not a ‘digital agency’. ‘ (for us digital is a means, not a goal). Throw all those things in the blender, though, and you’ll be close.

SUPERSTERK* creates an all-round customer journey that works for you and your customers. We think along about brand identity, brand activation, brand building and media visibility. We start from joviality and spontaneity, but with a great eye for objectives. Together we go for it. Step by step.

Pascal Dewulf, Owner at SUPERSTERK* Agency

Things we do

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SMO content / Google ranking / SEO audit & consultancy / SEO development & implementation / SEO strategy / SEA / SMO

(SEO) Copywriting

Performant, search engine friendly content / Copywriting that converts / SEO copywriting / Short copy / Long copy / Press releases / Media kits /  Digital / Print / Copywriting consultancy


Strategy / Positioning / Objectives / Targeting / Visual identity / Experience / Story / Community

E-mail marketing

Setup of e-mail campaigns / E-mail marketing / Mailings / GDPR framework/ Segmentation / Landing Pages / AB testing / KPI / Mailchimp / HubSpot / ConvertKit /  ….

Website Design

Framework / Goal determination / Corporate identity / Conceptualisation / Mockup / Review / Development / Implementation / WordPress / Woocommerce / … 


Targets / Conceptualisation / Mockup /Development / Implementation / setup logistics and fulfillment/ Testing / WordPress / Woocommerce



"I love these guys. They're warm and human centered and that only adds to their extraordinary skills in the business. Attitude and aptitude is everything. Period. SUPERSTERK*  has both."

Ann Lomans
CEO, Media Agency

"We have called on SUPERSTERK* for their services since the beginning of our brand. Beyond completing their mission fully, they play a perfect role as our partner while sharing their knowhow whenever possible in order to help us reach our goals."


Eric Dhönert
CEO, Luxury Industry

"Every time I contact SUPERSTERK* with any media question, they always generate a maximum return." My customers put a lot of pressure, but thanks to partners like SUPERSTERK*, I am always sure that I have the necessary coverage to my customers. To satisfy everyone, that way everyone is happy. "

Marions Flipse & Partners
CEO, Sales/PR Agency

"This yearlong collaboration with SUPERSTERK* is excellent. Swift, always on-time, generating more return and always on the spot, trendy and fast forward. Always a smooth sail with these guys. Made my company move in an excellent direction."

Tom Rogiers
CEO, Publishing Company




Co-creation is key

Co-creation is a fantastic thing. You build, innovate and grow together thanks to the input of your customers and SUPERSTERK*. That’s a good thing, right? Do not look for someone to solve all your problems, but look for someone who will not let you go through it alone. You can rest assured: we will not let you go alone.

We get things going

SUPERSTERK* combines creativity and positivity, with cart loads. Positive energy sets things in motion. Positivity is not a new age thing, it can be measured in a higher level of motivation within a team project and greater satisfaction. More grouped activities too, less stress and a close bond with your team buddies, making it easier to achieve the objectives set.

We deliver

Creativity is an incredible thing. It is the starting point of every great (business) idea. But taking creativity a step further and converting it into productivity is the key to success. Transforming pure creativity into measurable objectives and corresponding results, that is absolute bliss for SUPERSTERK*.

Things don't just happen

The creative process doesn’t just blow in. You need an environment that encourages creative thinking and encourages you to go further. Behind every creative success story you will find a great team, a group of people who take each other to the next level. Being inspired by ideas from others usually generates even better ideas. SUPERSTERK* perfectly fits into that idea.

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    * A rocket won't fly unless somebody lights the fuse.